App not launch due to licence validation


I have a problem with an application. (a game for children, “squad busters”)
I was able to install the game with App Lounge in anonymous mode.
But when the application launches, it says that it can’t verify the license and that you have to use the google account that was used to install it…

e/OS/ v1.21, Android T(13) on Poco F3 (alioth)
Microg is activated, the play store service is activated too, but I don’t want to attach a google account to the phone. (In my opinion, it’s the basis of a de-googled phone).
So is there a workaround to solve this problem of validation, without attach a google account ?

No. Licensing is obviously tied to a Google account used to purchase said app/game.
If you insist on being fully de-Googled then know you cannot use purchased and licensed apps.

That’s not entirely true as a lot of paid apps are ‘pro’ versions and don’t do license checking but you still have to use a Google account in App Lounge or Aurora Store to download/install them.

The Play Store service you enabled of course would require a Google account to be able to verify the license. There is no workaround and it is technically not a problem.

My kid has the same issue with this same game, even if using a Google account for AppLounge before installing the app AND with a Google account set in MicroG settings.
Using /e/OS 2.0 on a Samsung S9

Excerpt from adb logcat:

05-29 17:24:36.129 15750 15750 V FakeLicenseChecker: licenseV1 result was 0 with signed data 0|-88147961|com.supercell.squad|40326010|ANlOHQP7zVLdvbOQx3dy8Yyi2X/8qWefJg==|1716996275083:VT=9223372036854775807
05-29 17:24:36.131 15902 31294 I LicenseChecker: Received response. Signature jfevgcuqisT+SSoy6RWR8xJc4xWLgYPuy+A83FfNX1tBwnmhQhyNS3qRo7Jn7gIkMHTzV2qjP7bxBZn9d6uUxlDhVnEHq9AhbG7IVJveXIIakGGiRD0VwZmFp8SwAjjPI6bvEah/gXbmsEct0vG7sSKNhT7Ua8IZAEcCX7Sd201p3ZseaagOHXAwLKaB1MbFEUe6dj0xjlnzRxB8g2Wp3+wScKYNeJNMgtHPgtYJY5bkY7zl+5Zap/pl01Fs5MQt4FIKGW4ToLNcB5pnpyL3hZkgaQPXKIwt3DNQYxTTvxRKZZ96EGLNuLt7R7lIdkqZcfio5OdHkB9L+eBd+IFi2g==
05-29 17:24:36.131 15902 31294 I LicenseChecker: Clearing timeout.
05-29 17:24:36.137 15902 31294 E LicenseValidator: Signature verification failed.
05-29 17:24:36.138 15902 31294 E AppLicencing: License check FAILED
05-29 17:24:36.192     0     0 I [2:  kworker/u16:4:15860] [SSP]: debug_work_func(98) - Sensor state: 0x1fff07f6bf, RC: 2(0, 1, 0), CC: 0, TC: 0 NSC: 0 EC: 0 GPS: false
05-29 17:24:36.192     0     0 I         : [2:  kworker/u16:4:15860] [SSP] 0 : 30, -98, 4157 (66ms, 100ms)
05-29 17:24:36.239 15902 31292 V GooglePlayIntegrityApi: Requesting Google Play Integrity API token
05-29 17:24:36.245 15902 31292 I PlayCore: UID: [1010220]  PID: [15902] IntegrityService : requestIntegrityToken(IntegrityTokenRequest{nonce=8lPbMmdJkfAob1XCEy5_jwDQEWP7jE6W, cloudProjectNumber=176705546518, network=null})
05-29 17:24:36.247 15902 31509 I PlayCore: UID: [1010220]  PID: [15902] IntegrityService : Initiate binding to the service.
05-29 17:24:36.248  5896 12021 W ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { } U=10: not found
05-29 17:24:36.248 15902 31509 I PlayCore: UID: [1010220]  PID: [15902] IntegrityService : Failed to bind to the service.

Should I create a gitlab ticket?

NB: I’ve altered (on purpose) the base64 strings and nonce in this log, as I don’t know if they might contain private information. I can send the original log in PM

I’d say no on the ticket. License verification is (was?) done by Play Store. Without it verification was sure to fail.
However, microG 0.3.1.x added license verification support. Not sure what’s included with /e/OS 2.0 (I don’t go that high) but I do see the FakeLicenseChecker in your logcat so…

It’s best to check the microG GitHub issues to see how the license verification thing is working out.
Only one of my ROMs is running post 0.2.27 microG so I haven’t kept up on much.

On a related note, does this game require or make use of Play Games? Historically that has always been unsupported. Word has it some progess has been made in microG 0.3.2. There’s an open issue for that (from 2016). If you check it out, might want to jump to the bottom and work up.

Support for official Google Play Games apk [$210] · Issue #163

EDIT: I have an icon pack (Monoic White Minimal) on a ROM with microG 0.2.27 and no Play Store. It does a license check and fails.
On another ROM with microG 0.3.2 and no Play Store, Monoic does a license check and passes. That’s cool.
I only had had the newer microG installed for testing location services. Hadn’t tested the license checking or Play Store services features 'til now.

Apparently, the game Squad busters has been recently updated, and does not display the error message any more.
It starts with no issue if a Google account is set
If not, /e/OS says it asks for a Google account, and allows to set one. If you don’t, the game can start anyway (but I did not really use it: maybe a Google account is required later…)

Indeed, I reinstalled it to test and even without a google account and with microG deactivated, it now works.
The game works fine, except of course for in-game purchases, which is actually a good thing :wink:

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