App open source for wear (fr/en)


I got out of google and most proprietary apps just fine.

But I’m looking for an application that allows me to connect my watch to my phone without using the proprietary application, a bit like OpenScale for connected scales.

I’m not closed to flash if I have to.

I have seen but my watch is not compatible.

If you have any ideas I’m interested.

Thanks in advance.



Je me suis bien sortie de google et de la plupart des apps propriétaire.

Mais je cherche une application permettant de connecter ma montre a mon telephone sans utiliser l’application propriétaire un peu comme OpenScale pour les balances connectées.

Je ne suis pas fermé au flash s’il il le faut.

J’ai vu mais ma montre n’est pas compatible.

Si vius avez des idées je suis preneur.

Merci d’avance.

I use an Amazfit Bip U Pro with the

But I had to read the key from the watch first to pair.
For this I had used another app, but this was probably “contaminated”. Since I had no confidence in this app before, I only installed this app on a decommissioned smartphone.

The Gadgetbridge itself is great, plus I still use Opentracks.

Hello and thank you,

I saw for cardbridge that stood out on more than one topic.

Unfortunately, the amazfit pace is not compatible.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

Hi, maybe this site will help :wink:

Gadgetbridge - Amazefit Pace

Thanks look at the end of the thread I asked where it was at.

Thanks for the info.

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