App says "not compatible with CyanogenMod"

If an app (in the G-play-store) says “not compatible with CyanogenMod OS”, does that necessarily mean that it will NOT run under /e/ ?
(It is a paid app, I own it and would like to use it.)

If the app does not do license checking (an installed Play Store is needed for that) there’s probably a way.
Install Yalp Store (fork) or Aurora Store. Using your Google account from within either store will allow you to see, download and install paid apps. I do not believe either store will produce device compatibility checks like the Play Store does so it might be installable.

It’s been hit and miss with ‘paid’ apps I’ve tried. I backed up some pro versions of apps I actually paid for and some work and some don’t due to license checking as mentioned. However sideloading ‘pro’ app apk’s means they are unable to be updated through any 3rd party store i’ve tried and would have to go backup the updated version from a device which still has access to official play store (which I no longer have) then re-sideload updated apk. In saying that I’ve also encountered a free app in the /e/appstore which wouldn’t even launch without google play…

In my case, all of the Pro apps that I use on microG-based ROMs (that aren’t running Play Store) are updated on a regular basis via Yalp or Aurora. Of course as long as I use my Google account within those stores.

Yeah I use Aurora/Yalp without my goolag account, trying to stay off the goolag teet. Would being signed in send info back to them through aurora/yalp??