App store search: Something went wrong!

Hi there,

When I search “element” in the app store, I get the message “Something went wrong! Please try again later.”

I initially thought it was because the app store didn’t know about that app, but if I search an app that doesn’t exist it says “No app found.”, so it can’t be that.

I tried to use adb logcat to figure out what’s happening, but I couldn’t find anything related to this issue.

One idea I have is that it might be caused by the app (which is still in the /e/ store despite not existing anymore for over a month, same for RiotX (im.vector.riotx)) being renamed into Element. Maybe that made the store confused about what to return?

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In Apps store you only will find apps which are available at
That mean, you will only find the app if someone has saved it there.

Better you will use Aurora store from F-droid. That will solve your issue

Right, but my main point is that the message I get is an error message that differs from the one I get when the app can’t be found.

ish. My agenda (for lack of a better word) behind opening this thread isn’t “how can I solve this issue for myself”. One of the reasons I’m running /e/OS is to assess how good it is as an accessible Google-free replacement to mainstream Android stock ROMs, and how close I can get to being able to tell my dad, who’s the least tech-savvy guy you’ll ever meet, that yep, now he can get a phone that’s entirely Google-free without having to ask me to fiddle with it.
And I know we’re not there yet, but I think with /e/OS we’re getting really close, and if I can help identify and fix the remaining rough edges by reporting the bugs that I can see, I might as well do it.

So the reason I’m reporting this bug isn’t so that I can figure out how to install this or that app (I have a tech background, I know how to work around this issue), it’s because someone without a tech background will need it fixed to be able to use their phone.

If this isn’t the right place to report this kind of issue feel free to point me to it.

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Hi there !
@babolivier any news on that issue ?
For me, the Appstore was working perfectly since this morning. Now I got the same message : “Something went wrong […]”

There is an issue with the App Store . The team is working on the issue. Will update once the error is resolved.

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Thanks for the responsiveness !
I have just started to use /e/ os yesterday, it is a great os despite its young age, I think I will advise people to install it and use it !
Just want to say congrats for the great job !

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