App store showes update for F-froid store, but not in F-droid

The app store on my phone is showing two updates are available. One is for the F-droid store yet when I go to the F-droid app it does not show updates for itself?

What could be the cause of this error?

In the app store description it does not say the version number of the F-droid update so it’s hard to tell what is current without installing it.

The same is true for the second that is: Signal Private Messenger it says the version number in the app update but I can’t verify the latest version number of signal for android at the site. It just redirects you to the google play store where I don’t see the version number. I realize the second app is not an eOS problem but it does make it difficult to tell if it is an up to date version. The app store is reporting that the update is Signal 6.45.2. Can anyone confirm this update is most recent or are being offered that update?

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App Lounge updating its package list before F-Droid does, possibly.
F-Droid 1.19.0 is listed as a January 30 release, so fairly recent … … and 1.18.0 is still listed as “suggested”, perhaps App Lounge ignores this bit.

Which update interval is set in your F-Droid settings?

I found F-Droid updating its package list pretty inconsistent over the years, but I got used to it. You can simply swipe down in F-Droid (other than in Nearby or Settings) to trigger an update attempt.

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Thanks for the information AnotherElk. I have updated F-droid. But guess what the Signal update has disappeared from the app store. I wrote signal tech support to ask latest version number available of Signal.

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