App suggestions after use

After some time using /e/, here’s my suggestions of apps:

  • Amaze for file manager: very light and support root explorer
  • IceCatMobile for web browser: use Gecko instead of Blink (Chrome) and support all Firefox extensions
  • Vanilla Music for music player: not really good looking (but it can be enhanced) but support ReplayGain
  • VLC for video player: a classic

Other installed apps by default are OK for me.
Maybe it could be a very great feature to purpose several apps for default at /e/ setup, for exemple:
What app do you want by default for SMS?

  1. Signal: Good points, bad points
  2. QKSMS: Good points, bad points
  3. Silence: Good points, bad points

And I’m also searching an app to replace Clean Master (cleaner / antivirus), but I didn’t found yet.


Antivirus apps for Android range from useless to malware, there are no useful antivirus apps.
I guess for cleaner apps the picture is similar.

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I the think 40MB apk is to much. Foss browser is under 10mb

Thanks for the link to VLC :slight_smile:

IceCat seems to be based on a version of Gecko which is no longer supported (52 ESR). I use Fennec which is a very similar idea to IceCat but up to date.

“Fennec F-Droid (Browse the web)” -

After multiple tests, I have found the best cleaner for Android :
SD Maid
No ads, light and very efficient!

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SD Maid is excellent

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I am now using Malwarebytes and it is looking quite good. have you any thought why this should not be good option for using?

Perhaps because according to the exodus privacy report, this application (like almost all anti-malware) is full of trackers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do use Exodus and it has “only” 4 tracker which I consider quite good. I also use Blokada so the have no other use. I already had success with Malwarebytes, somehow adware installed to my phone and it detected it and get rid of it.


I’m now using Blokada too, I think it can replace the option to change the DNS in /e/, it can do the change of DNS and more.

And I’m using Vinyl as music player, it now includes ReplayGain and has a nice interface. I think it’s the best open source music player for Android, and for /e/.

Small end user comment on Fennec browser - I can’t get this to install (Athene-Nougat 190717). Downloading… Installing… nothing! Any ideas?

Different problem with Firefox Klar. The installer says it is not compatible with my phone, which is odd as it installed fine from F-droid…

Installed fine from F-droid after I allowed installation from other sources.

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Hi @alx, you mean you got fennec from f-droid and it works now? Where did you try getting it from before?

Ironically from e foundation but it didn’t work! : - )

It wouldn’t install.

That is strange! I tried it myself and can confirm that after 7 hours the install did not work!

You should probably raise an issue about that:

Cheers :slight_smile:

The default /e/ apps are generally pretty good. A few notes:

the Bliss Launcher wasn’t my cup of tea so I replaced it with LawnChair

the default contacts app didn’t work for me so I replaced it with Simple Contacts

I use Simple Book Reader ( for ebooks

For audiobooks and podcasts I use Voice (

I use MyPhoneExplorer ( for synching data with my PC

I also use the Amaze file manager

All free and open-source.

I get meeting invitations by email sometimes. It’s important for me to read them. I haven’t found an open source Android email client that can open them yet. Any suggestions?


Similar thing for me, with IceCatMobile, which serves a similar purpose with Fennec. I would still recommend those two over only the simple basic release of Firefox.

I found a solution to the meeting invitations problem. Just install from F-Droid. It’s code that will enable K-9 mail or a fork of it (like the default /e/ client) read ics files and import them to your calendar app.

It seems like this functionality could be made a standard feature included in the email app.