App to open .doc and.rtf filesth

Is there an app already on e/OS to open .doc and .rtf files (ie word and wordpad).


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I use the LibreOffice Viewer to view most file formats, including .rtf and .docx . However, the Version of the /e/ App Lounge does not work for me.
I use the one provided by F-Droid, which runs flawlessly !

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Thanks for the tip, installing from F-Droid as we speak.

Collabora office and Libera should do the trick

Librera Reader: Librera Reader (Book and PDF reader) has an issue currently. Don’t install version 8.9.5. It will crash. The version before works.

I have installed Libre Office Viewer which is working fine, thanks.

I downloaded a .doc attachment, which I opened in Libre Office, but which I have now deleted, will Libre Office Viewer have kept a temp file of this anywhere ??

I want to make sure there is no trace of this file on my phone.