App Trackers in App Lounge

In the App Lounge the Flipboard app has a 10/10 privacy score with no trackers. But, on the Exodus Privacy website it shows Flipboard having 15 trackers. I was curious if this is just a mix up, or is App Lounge is working with app makers to make a cleaner app for the store?

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Is this the app you are referring to … I see a different set of scores


I believe I was looking at the progressive web app version and didn’t realize it.

Wow, those are some ugly trackers…! :scream:

And it’s scored 4 out of 5…?!

That’s the users rating, Privacy is 0/10 ! :wink:


Ah! I guess I was just so shocked by the list that I couldn’t see straight!
Thanks. :smiley:

I have similar situation with telegram foss. Now the rating is 8/10, and google firebase analitics is on the exodus tracker list. That means that f-droid should be the way in order to update telegram?.

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