App unable to fetch OTP

Hi, Whenever I try to login banking app it send me an OTP which can only be automatically fetched by the app using google play services.
Is there any way to fetch such OTP on degoogled phones?
Here is Screenshot.

I guess this behaviour is a feature of the app you are using.

But a little research here reveals

Mobile Account menu works on all types of mobile phones – smart phone is not required.

Jazz is available as a PWA. So you can experiment with uninstalling the app, going to Jazz with Browser then

Three dot top right menu > Add to home screen.

No app is required for the flow suggested here


In general it would depend on how exactly the App in question does it.
/e/OS includes microG, an Open Source replacement for a number of crucial Google services, enabling many Google-dependent Apps to run on degoogled phones.

In case of JazzCash somebody would simply need to try it out in practice, like users do to assemble the list over here … [LIST] Banking Apps on /e/OS.

But as @aibd found on the website already, JazzCash doesn’t even need a smartphone, so it seems there would be a way to use it in any case.

The same issue is with Upaisa app. I can still do transactions using codes in dialer app since these services are offered by SIM companies but using apps provide so much flexibility. I hope in future Devs will include this feature as well.

microG misses autofill service. The original play services has autofill service. This app uses Google autofill service to fetch code to login. We can manually enter code.

I guess this is an example screenshot because of the sensitive content? do you too see the message arriving in the ui element?

I’m not sure if this is an SMS or arriving via firebase messaging. That would be different APIs to fetch the verification code.

If you run adb logcat while interacting you could see some class calls happening or failing and classify or attribute the problem for the microG issue tracker.

There are parts of the firebase auth (in firebaseui class calls) that are not implemented yet, but from the screenshots and without installing I can’t tell where it is failing.

Autofill is a android system service outside google play that can have multiple registered providers (like a password app) - so in general does work.

I don’t how to provide logcat but in a google phone, Whenever I try to login app using phone number. A message with OTP is sent to my number then that popup comes up (shown in Screenshot). But if I disable either play services app or google autofill service in settings and try to login again then I will receive OTP from SIM company but that popup never shows making it unable to login.
I can try to provide logcat if you teach me how.

same with /e/, enable dev options, attach adb logcat - [HOWTO] Get a log from your phone - I usually mark the line with a cursor, then do the interaction that I’m interested in

I installed the two apps and looked if I could trigger the auth flow - but without registration (.pk based) it was not possible to do this

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