App update notification seems not internationalized

Something like “Cette application will not être installée automatiquement.” (french)

The english version should be like “This app will not be automatically upgraded”.

The Apps installer first came in English and then has been translated in French.

I don’t understand why this issue occurs (and you are the first person to report this).

It’s ‘translated’ correctly :

EDIT : wait, in which language your phone was when you saw the Cette application will not être installée automatiquement. ? French or English ?

My phone is in french.

The question is how the string put as parameter %1$s is translated in the Weblate link you sent.

That’s the question. It seems that it’s not included into weblate, I can’t find it (and the translation of the Apps installer is 100 % at for French).

I will try to reproduce this issue first and if it’s confirmed I will deal with it, thanks.

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