Apple and Google being investigated for potential monopoly

What are your thoughts? Do Google and Apple have a monopoly on mobile devices?

How can /e/ foundation gain more traction as an alternative?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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The problem is that the 2experts2, geeks and techies have great knowledge and talk in jargon - how else do we get the info we need if we are using a new product and new software?
Anybody using Apple and Google has already got a simplified way of using it AND it does not assume that you will have either. Anybody not tech savvy goes to the shop and a person does it for them.
The answer for any system, whether it be tickets for trains in Paris or using tech is - make it simple and fool proof?
Great example would be Abishek It’s FOSS emails with simple clear and , most important, protocols written in plain speak with commands that can be cut and pasted into action.
The big boys have the shops and people. e.f needs the internet to match the people /shop and clear concise guides for non-tech to prevent them flooding forums with simple problems and being ripped apart by techs. For the techs - they need a developers forum where the community can push on the tech hitches and glitches and contribute to an improved operating system.
Lastly, every OS I know has failed at some point because there is an ever growing demand for more bells and whistles (showing off, trying to be better than someone else) while a system A that satisfies every day needs for 99.9% of the public will win public confidence. System B for techs? Simples, says the meerkat :slight_smile:

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