Apple is evil, need advise

Back in 2012 i created some iOS apps, they were in the store until 2015 i think. I needed an Apple id to do this. Now i wanted to have all my data deleted, and requested so. After 10 mails they called me. Apple refuses to delete my data! They say they can’t delete my data because they need this info for their App store/ administration. The apps are long gone. I pointed out they have to follow European law, but no was their answer. At a certain point i lost my temper ans called him a F* B*, and hung up. Is there a way to force them delete my data? some European commission or something.


Does your Apple ID account has been deleted but not all the data or nothing has been deleted ?

I guess they do that because people who have downloaded your app can still download it with the “Purchases” tab.

You will need to read the Privacy Policy and the CGU of the developer program in order to find more answers.

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They disabled it, so data is still there. I’m sure they have it covered somewhere in their policy. I have requested a full report now to see what they have stored.

BTW when i asked /e/ to delete my account (i’m turning away from cloud storage) there was no problem at all :wink:

I would look into this if I were you:

Edit: scratch that, it apparently only deals with complaints regarding EU institutions – but do check if there is an EU body where you can complain about a private entity directly.

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Yes i saw that, but on the site is a link i can use, so thx!

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