Apple pushed contact tracing to iOS 13.7

Without telling users (that’s all we are!) anything…

Same with android.
I don’t know, on android, if user has to accept to activate it.

Not only that the user has to opt-in but still an app will be needed for Android despite the right into your phone headlines. A “generic” app will be built by Google based on some local parameters from the local health authorities which frankly sounds like a great idea, it seems shockingly wasteful that even in the same country you can have different apps, sometimes even required for travel or access to various places. And beside being plain wasteful of course there are tons of questions, like are mobiles running different apps talking to each other? Can you have multiple apps running at the same time? Do you have to have them running (note that you can’t just uninstall one if you’ve been to another state yesterday and never plan going back, as the notification that you might be exposed might come in a week or so)?

I wonder if that contact tracing app is going to be integrated in /e/ as well then?

Personally I distrust Google on privacy topics - that is why I am using /e/.

So I would argue against integrating that app.

All the discussions about the API itself being included were because some simultaneous conditions were met:

  • you could NOT, even if you wanted just to install an app and use contact tracing, something “much deeper” was needed
  • there was open source code available
  • it’s actually coming with newer microG which /e/ is already using.

The “app” won’t be integrated because just the opposite is true in each point, everybody who wants can just run the app (side-load it in any of the multiple ways), there’s no reason for the app to be ever pulled into microG and I have no details but it’s possible it won’t even be an open source app. So I’m pretty sure it won’t make it into anything like LineageOS, /e/, F-Droid. Depending how it’s generated it might or might not appear in Aurora Store (I’m presume nobody would complain that it’s there, anyway the store is full of all the nice tracking apps everybody is used to, from everyone starting with Facebook and Google).

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