Applications: bikemap

does any use bikemap ? I tried use it ( on a samsung S7 / with /e/ ). It does n’t work. for me it’s a very good app for cyclists.

Is not very helpful.
what kind of error ?

when I try to install bikemap from apps, in my phone, the message is" this app is currently unavailable, try again later"

Le ven. 28 févr. 2020 à 17:32, harvey186 via /e/ community a écrit :

Have you tried downloading from Aurora ? Apps Store has a lot of bugs and isn’t working most times

First are of concern is it contains 6 trackers: Mix of Google/Facebook, so personally I would uninstall from here… Also, my guess looking at the package contents is it is very reliant on google play services. So I don’t think it is going to work unfortunately. (I could only test it right now on a device without microG and it doesnt get past splash screen)

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