Apply update - scary

I bought a Samsung S8 phone from /e/ pre-installed.

Today I downloaded an eOS update as offered, but when I press the “install” button, I get a scary message saying:

if you press ok, the device will restart itself in recovery mode to install the update

This feature requires a compatible Recovery or updates will need to be installed manually.

I’ve also searched around a cannot find any documentation (I’m sorry if it was there and I just didn’t find it). I’ve also had (and read) too many bad experiences with upgrades regarding phones and tablets, so I prefer being cautious.

Should I have a “a compatible Recovery” prepared? If so, where can I get it? Is there an upgrade/update process guide somewhere? (perhaps it could be linked in the upgrade message?).


Go to seetings/about phone an tap often on build number to activate developer options
in developer options enable advanced restart
If you switch of your phone (long press power button) you can chosse restart and recovery

your phone should start to recovery (TWRP).

If this happens you have a working recovery.

This does not break anything

If the phone was sold by /e/ you can expect that you do have a suitable recovery.

(This is a standard message to warn of the possibility of failure)

I enabled “advanced restart”, then while pressing power I don’t see any “restart and recovery”, just the usual “power off”, “restart” and “screenshot”.

It was sold by /e/, but I’m not a fan of relying on expectations, especially when there’s a possibility of failure that can easily ruin the day.

One step after restart

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Hi @Manu I quite understand. :slight_smile:

There is no hurry! Just leave it on one side for now. It can be a bit difficult to navigate this forum at first, allow me to point you to Getting Started on /e/.

Samsungs are a bit ‘special’, I wrote this Know your hardware - Samsung.

You have on your side that I expect you to have a stable build, you might confirm that for yourself: Different Build Types.

This link Info about Samsung Galaxy S8 - dreamlte shows the method to enter Recovery from the phone turned off. When you see your recovery with the branding /e/ you will know it is suitable!

Leave the update till you feel more confident. This update was only very recently released, wait till you see if there are any negative reactions from other users. As a purchased product you always have the option of an email to

Bon chance

PS … and here is a Search results for 'Samsung Update 18 order:latest' - /e/ community


Thanks for all the links. I’m going to go over those taking my time.

Also, thanks to @kisman172 reassuring me about having the recovery mode available, after that, I went on and did the update and it works.

(actually, I’m already exploring your links) I think this was the page I didn’t find but which I was probably looking for: [HOWTO] Update /e/

Please note: The day is not ruined at all.
: ]