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  • This post is to help users and casual browsers find their way around /e/.
  • Here we share relevant details and useful links related to /e/OS which we hope will make your discovery of /e/asier !

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Migration Woes

We have a few posts here which should help you if you are coming to /e/ from another OS

Supported devices

List of officially supported devices

How to find your device in this screen ?
  • On the Officially Supported devices screen or the Smartphone Selector screen you can search for a device name by typing the name in the text box as shown in the screen shot here…

  • To search for phones with specific features like Dual sim or removable batteries , click on the text
    Looking for a Specific Model ....
    This will open a small section in the screen where you can choose these options as shown in this screenshot

Unofficial Builds

Applications on /e/

Please note it is not mandatory that you create an /e/ ID to use the /e/OS. Having an /e/ ID helps connect you with the services which come as part of the /e/ Experience …

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