Apps and drive keep crashing

So I have just recently installed /e/ on my Galaxy S8 and so far I have not very good experience. When I try to install something via Apps I tap install and the app disappears. When I do it again I get a message that “Apps is frequently crashing”. I was able to install one app via APK file, but the Apps portal is broken unfortunately.

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Hey @McVitas if you haven’t already done so, you can install the most recent stable build for Aurora Store (4.0.7 as of this date) directly from here, which will hopefully allow you to install the apps you need to install.

Edited to add: If you have F-Droid already installed, Aurora Store can be found there as well.

As for /e/ Apps crashing/broken, that’s above my paygrade…

Good luck!

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It’s not the most stable of apps :slight_smile: I agree with @mcmd’s suggestion of using F-Droid (for Open Source apps) and Aurora Store (for other apps, using files from the Google Play Store.

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it’s not the most stable of apps? Then why is it default I wonder?
How do I install F-Droid if I don’t have appstore working? Directly via APK file I suppose?

Another question - if there is Micro-G then is there a way to use Google Play Store?

Yes- behold the F-Droid.apk!

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no. just aurora store as alternative.

Good question. There is no real need for a home-brewed app store when F-Droid and Aurora Store are mature apps and freely available.

Does /e/ OS come with a drive APP that allows to access the files in the e cloud?

standard nextcloud app

have to install it from F-droid? Or is it integrated?

Integriert sich in den normalen File Explorer als " Laufwerk" sodass du direkt drauf zugreifen kannst.

You need to install the NextCloud app from F-Droid on your phone. /e/'s software does not allow you to browse /e/ cloud files on your device. Install NextCloud, and your /e/ cloud files and folders appear in the Files app