Apps app crashes after installing app

Hello friendly people,

I bought a FP3 with /e/OS and really like it so far!

Anyways I have a problem since the June update with Apps. I tried installing telegram X but the Apps app v1.1.6 keeps crashing after downloading. I used the screen recorder to document this behaviour (and converted it to gif).
I didn’t find anything about it in the forum so I just wanted to let you know.



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I am assuming you are trying to download and install using Apps Installer the default /e/ app store. As a workaround pl can you try using Fdroid or Aurora store and check if the apps can be installed.


the issue you describe looks like the following one :

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I cannot find Telegram X on f-Droid but Aurora is working.
Installing Telegram FOSS via Apps installer worked, so I am in no hurry with Telegram X.

@Anonyme you seem to be right. I just tried to update an app and it has the same behaviour.