Apps for /e/ phones

Just set up my /e/ phone and exploring available apps. Are the versions for this OS different to Android versions?

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Hi @steveredshaw do you mean the Operating system version or the app version? The OS versions are the same as Android - Nougat, Oreo and Pie. We do not have Q as yet. The /e/ version of these operating systems are name v1- nougat, v1-oreo and v1-pie and on builds you would see something like
e-0.7-p-2020030644075-dev-mata where the -p- represents the OS version in this case pie.

I mean the apps you install. This OS prevents data collection and promotes privacy, as I understand it. But surely some apps, such as Facebook, do this. Are the apps available on /e/ the same as standard Android ones?

Ideally do not install the Facebooks and Whatsapps of the world. That is easier said than done for most of us. The next best option is check the trackers that come along with the app you are installing . Also check all the permissions any app seeks. In case you are not comfortable giving a permission do not allow that. Repositories like FDroid provide info on the trackers and permissions. App Installer the /e/ default store also provides this info but of late has some issues and does not work correctly - it is currently being updated. The default apps on /e/ are all forked from android apps like mail is from K9 or in some case like the launcher built from scratch.

Hello, for example, /e/ OS offers another web browser that is a fork of Chromium, which removes all features that send data to G°°gle, and where the default search engine is not G°°gle.

Please pay attention to the rating “Privarcy” when selecting apps from the /e/ Apps Store.
e. g. Privarcy 2/10 vs. 7/10

:wink: Thanks, that does explain the situation…