Apps is making weird suggestions

I’m in Italy. I’d love to know why Apps is suggesting me to install a Russian app that has a privacy score of 0 out of 10…

For now the Apps installer is only useful for searching and installing an app you already know.

For information, “Featured” apps are the same for everyone.

These are the other ‘recommended’ apps.

I find this embarrassing.

It’s not easy to build an efficient suggestion system.

I think it should be removed OR “Featured” apps should be manually chosen by the team (for instance popular open-source apps).


Is the notion of “featured apps” compatible with a project like /e/? Or is it just the imitation of a behavior from other stores (Google or Apple) built for a consumerist society? It sounds a bit like “we have plenty of FREE (with uppercase = meaning that you pay with your data or/and this is malicious software) apps that you should consume as a lot of others do”. There is maybe an important decision to make there…

I just want to raise awareness: if you already have discussed about this, if you are sure of what you want for /e/ then I’m ok with it :blush:


I’ll tell you, even better this way!!!
I’m tired of machines suggesting me what I might like… f**k them :fu:

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Agree that the ‘Suggestions’ makes no sense. Pl can you raise it as a bug in Gitlab

Done, thanks!