Apps : No auto start / bloquer démarrage auto

I want to lock/avoid auto-start of some apps

  • at boot
  • after boot
    I made a lot of searchs on this forum and in the wiki/FAQ , but without results :cry:

Any help would be welcome

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In the past I believe Lineage’s Privacy Guard could handle that. Now one probably needs a root-enabled app to control that. Not sure what’s possible via adb.

OK , thanks

May i suggest the development team to deal with this item
If yes , where ?

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I should’ve mentioned that Privacy Guard, and by extension the ability to use Lineage addonsu (root), was removed by Lineage after Pie I believe. There’s nothing that the Murena team can do about that.
There’s been many a discussion online over the years about this. Here’s one that covered a number of items.

Transitioning from LOS16’s Privacy Guard to LOS17’s Permission Hub (feature regression)

There was/is a commandline utility called appops that could probably be used but one needs to know the exact autostart permission to use it. Then it’s a matter of whether or not that permission is still available. Such as…

appops set <package> BOOT_COMPLETED deny

BOOT_COMPLETED didn’t work in my test. At the moment I haven’t checked for other perms.
[ It’s almost 6:30am. I should get some sleep first. :slight_smile: ]

A root terminal or adb is needed to use appops. Of course if one is rooted this is moot as there are any number of apps and tools that can be used.

Here’s a brief overview of the appops command.
Set permissions via adb and appops command

eOS is anyway already a fu… good O.S. ,
this feature could have set eOS to perfection :grin:
but i can live without it :sunglasses: