Apps store not processing updates

I hate to say it but every other system update Apps fails to process updates and new installs (apps/updates get downloaded but will not install). It was ok in the previous version but is not now. I’m using a Moto harpia.

It’s been suggested to use alternative repositories but I think Apps is a central part of the /e/cosystem and should work reliably.

Why does it get fixed regularly (previous version) and then fails again?

Your help/support is much appreciated!

Have you tried more than one app to download? If not, please try a different app and see if it isn’t a problem with a single app. This is the problem I had and it turned out I was worried for nothing. I just had to create a workaround for that one app.

Ok I just installed vlc and it worked. I’m having trouble with updates, having installed Signal and aTalk they don’t get updated correctly.

One possible explanation for a failed installation is the lack of storage space. Check if you have at leat 1 GB to be sure it’s not the problem.

(But you just installed VLC correctly so it’s probably not your case)

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