Apps that ban screenshots

When an app bans screenshots, is there a way around it?

On iOS, I could take screenshots of my bank app, on e/OS it says not allowed.

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As far as I know, /e/OS does not block screenshots by default.
I think this is more a security setting of the banking app itself, maybe you can disable it in the settings of that app.

As a workaround, if a computer is available, you can use the excellent scrcpy and your computer screenshot feature.

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I’ve been wondering this too. It seems it’s built into the individual app’s code, and scrcpy won’t be able to get around it – all it does is display what’s on the phone’s screen, and in my experience, if screenshots are disabled, so is screen recording or screen copying.

I disagree: you computer don’t care about the content or the app settings, it will work.
Just tried with an banking app that doesn’t allow Android screenshot, I could take one from a Windows computer.

I think it is depending on the app itself. Some of them are focused on privacy and have blocked screenshots by default. You should check settings of the specific app, in some you can unblock it, and in some you cannot.

Interesting replies, there is no point me using the computer to take a picture of the banking app on the phone, as I can do a screen print straight from the bank on the browser on the computer.

I thought there might have been a way around the blocking on Android, for pictures when on the go, but I guess not.

Just root your phone (basically just install Magisk), enable Zygisk, install LSPosed and then install the app disable-FLAG_SECURE and take control over your phone. Make screenshot were YOU want, not where appmakers forbid. Your phone - your data!

Is rooting the phone mandatory? Having an open source OS and the possibility to recompile it is the point or am I missing something?

Do you have any clue on where to find the FLAG_SECURE parameter in the e-os source code (gitlab, etc. ?)

I’m not sure, to be honest. That’s way above my Android knowledge. Anyway, my question would be: why not? It gives you so much more advantages to be rooted.