Appstore isn't working


I cannot connect to the appstore installed on my /e/ gigaset gs290. (see screenshot)Screenshot_20210314-091513_Apps|230x500

The last few days it worked fine but since this morning he’s been saying this.
I was wondering if this is something from my side our not?


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Hi @hatR3d … don’t know if it’s anything but I see an “x” in your mobile data icon… perhaps there is something happening with your data access via WiFi AND / OR mobile data… have you tried turning these on/off in different combinatios ?

Same here
Galaxy S9 oreo

I have the same issue on FP3+.
Thought it was just me - have only had this phone for a week and it’s not been flawless so far, but I guess I should have some patience then.

Same here in Fairphone.

Same here on my S9 plus.

Now it works again. Best regards

Yes, here too :slight_smile: