Aquaris X Pro Boot Screen: Software can't be checked for corruption

I have an Aquaris X Pro with:
Android 11
2December 2022
On starting I get this boot screen:

                    Start >
                    Continue boot

< More options
press VOLUME keys

Your device software can’t be
checked for corruption. Please lock the boot loader.
Visit this link on another device:
If no key proceed:
Your device will boot in 5 seconds

And it boots and works fine. I’ve searched for and read a number of posts about this & would like to know if anything might need fixing. Thanks.
I also have a Samsung S7 with /e/os and don’t get this.
Thanks for reading.

Hi @Creignor welcome to the /e/ forum.

I think you are describing an Orange state warning.

In the case of an “Unlocked device”, Android provides (and specifies) a 5 second space for a warning screen to say that the device is no longer in the full control of Google / Android (the organisation which supplied the software to the manufacturer). To put it another way, it is about “Communicating Verified Boot state to users”. Önyükleme Akışı  |  Android Open Source Project

The subject crops up on the forum from time to time as in this search of the forum.

Also we find this (closed) issue on Gitlab Replace the device startup warning message with something more appealing (#2980) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

In the case of Mediatek devices it may be possible to remove the warning by editing the lk.img with a Hex Editor.

This link cropped up in a quick search How to Remove Red and Orange State Warning in MediaTek Devices.

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Many thanks aibd for your informative reply; I’ve now read the links, which I find interesting, & think I can conclude it’s a minor issue

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