Are app updates being delivered via Apps?

Hi all,

is Apps by /e/ delivering updates to the apps one installed via their service, or not at all?


Applications installed through Apps do get updated. There are some issues with certain Apps not getting updated in a timely fashion. The team is working on optimizing and improving Apps.
Which app’s update are you having an issue with .

DuckDuckGo (browser), Tutanota, WithLocals.

Plus, for other apps that I am almost sure I downloaded using Apps by /e/, like for example WhatsApp, I get updates via Aurora Store, and it’s a bit confusing…

Most of my apps, I got from F-droid; but for the 6 to 10 commercial apps I am using, I don’t think I ever received an update via Apps.


An app installed with F-Droid has a different signature that the same app installed from the Apps Store. That’s why you can’t update an app installed from F-Droid with the Apps Store.

Furthermore, an update is available in the Apps Store a few days after the release (there is a delay of a few days). Aurora Store is a Play Store client, that’s why updates are available quicker in Aurora than the Apps Store.

Note that for a reason I don’t know, some apps don’t have been updated in the Apps Store for weeks (or even months).


my bad, I guess I wasn’t clear: I have no problems with apps from F-droid.

It’s apps that I downloaded from Apps by /e/ that leave me quite confused:
either I receive no updates, or I receive updates on Aurora Store for them.

It’s normal. Both Apps Store and Aurora Store detect every app on the phone and display updates for them, no matter where they come from.

So, it’s a feature!

I have logged out of Aurora now, so that I can see if any updates come via Apps by /e/

Aurora is down :weary: google has blocked all aurora accounts. The developer is working on it

Token dispensers should be back in an hour.

EDIT : No…