Are Aurora and Yalp still down?

Hm, did you try a trash-sms number (Wegwerfnummer)?
Check out those ones, maybe ones of them helps you out:


Google is pretty onto these services and identifies most of the numbers they give you unfortunately.

every number can only validate once I believe, so all the validate websites are more or less useless. I did read that you can create a g account without phone number if you’re running an android, doesn’t work on /e/ however. I wanted to try to set up a vm running android, but havent gotten the time to try it yet

Today i created a google account on very old Android 4.0, did not need to input phone number.

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As an brief update for whoever is interested, I tried using VirtualBox running android 8.1 to create the g-account and it still requires verification, I guess actual sim cards or physical devices are needed

Hey HARVEY186, you rock !
I have just installed the apk I found throught the web (Was not able to dowload anything from your links).
I found the 3.1.3 version. Installed it on my mobile. Used you credentials and hop was able to update all my apps. Et voilà!

Hey Harvey, do you have any hints for me how to solve this? Tried the 3.1.4 pre release. Gives me “no network connection” when trying to login. The newest nightly gives me the “check your password” as the 3.1.3 version…

Good news ! Everything is back as it was !
Here is the original Telegram message from Aurora developer, from which you can download the new APK :

Or you can blindly trust me if you don’t have Telegram, it’s exactly the same APK file I share :


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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This topic shows how important it is to have an alternate to Google Store - a viable, working android app respository where there are safe and unsafe apps for all users.
/e/ Apps Installer needs to stay and more importantly have up to date working apps.


@Manoj totally agree, but for banking apps we are still dependant on 3rd party stores, would be so neat if banking apps were to be introduced, then I could finally ditch yalp and aurora

We have a plan to get that working as well. Some development is on in this direction. It would require tying up with Banks and Developers and would be a long drawn process but definitely something that would be useful for all of us in the long run.

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In Aurora latest version the anonymous login is working again.


Hi all,

Is it down again ? Not working on my phone anymore


Anonymous login works for me with a fresh install of the last version :

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I was using the latest version installed with Apps, but it didn’t work ! With your link it works perfectly, thanks :slight_smile:

its been a bit temperamental for me since the fix, definitely doesnt like my vpn though

I wasn’t using any VPN myself … Just for me to know, are there any free VPN options ?

Yes, ProtonVPN is the only FreeVPN I would trust. (Of course the free version is limited, to 2 or 3 countries)