Are new GSI builds being made

Hi, there.

Since it seems that there is no official thread about the GSI builds (the pinned post is locked), where can I comment and ask about the GSI builds?


Hi @lfom the effort on GSI build is partially through contributions from the community. Users with developer skills can help on this.
For now there are no efforts from the /e/ dev team towards building GSI’s . I will check with the developer and update on this thread.


I will try to learn building with my futur PC but for now depend on /e/builds for my non supported but ‘treblized’ Samsung A320F (a3y17lte).

Little devices are pretty rare nowadays…

I checked with the developer…the latest builds the ones that are showing up here
And yes they are on Q…The modifications for R are not started as yet. The developer mentioned he would take it up when he has the bandwidth.


Thanks again.

20210828 version runs smoothly on my a3y17lte (with dark-mode file-browser’s bug).

We must wait for R-GSI, OK, but a Q version (0.19) with latest fixes and securtity patch would be great…

@Manoj Thank you for the fast reply and information. Hopefully there will be more development with the GSI builds as it seems to be the future. My device is not supported by LOS, but I was able to build an overlay for GSI, and the a custom Android R ROM is working fine.
I have tried /e/ 0.18-q dev builds:

  • Starting from EMUI9, the AB version kept crashing, from logs it seemed something related to libc
  • Starting from EMUI8, I could install and run the Aonly version, and it worked well somewhat, no crashes

You guys did a great job integrating MicroG, DAV5x and the App installer to the OS, it looks good too. Unfortunately I do not have the resourses right now to build but I could do some tests if needed.
Keep up the good work! Kudos

While GSI’s are not stable as ROM’s may be you should raise these bugs in Gitlab .
BTW one bit of update I got from the developer is he was able to build a R GSI which he is using on his device…hmm that means once he had more time we should have the other versions as well :crossed_fingers:


I have just noticed new 0.19-q builds dated 20211027! Many thanks to the developer and the whole team for the update!

Good news!

Thanks, i’ll try it soon…