Are PWA trending?

This article mentions Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
Do I understand it correctly, that Google is pushing for more of those today?


I believe thats the case, but they’ve been saying they wanted to push PWAs for quite some time now without that much success. Maybe the outlined schedule will finally give the pwa transition the necessary kick, would be great for the future of linux phones like the librem5 and pinephone

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I think PWA’s will still work on your phone. I’m using them for several webpages like Instagram or Bitpanda

as well as for /e/ devices.

yup, although some pwa’s come with a pinch of salt. Uber f.e. has a pretty nice one, but you cannot use it for requesting a ride in the UK because Uber geoblocked it for this reason. Why they did this is beyond me

Have a look / read here

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Yeeee I saw it just a few min ago, thats great news!

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