Are the Dual SIM settings missing?

I bought a Oneplus 7 pro because of the Dual SIM feature.
I have installed /e/OS and now face the problem that I can not use the two SIMs properly.
I want to use one SIM for calling and SMS and the other SIM for mobile data traffic.
However, this option is not offered to me in the corresponding system settings.
On the net I find many instructions and videos how to do this very easily. But with /e/OS the options used there are just missing.
Am I missing something or is it really made so that you can’t use this feature?

I would be very grateful for a helpful answer! Thanks!

Seems like it’s just missing.

Missed it on my Xiaomi Rednote 7.
Just received a FairPhone, installed /e/ : still missing.

And it’s really frustrating.
I don’t want to receive professionnal texts or calls sometimes and I can’t figure out how, in 2021, this feature can be unavailable. It really sucks…

In the other hand, we have Android with Google… Fairphone Open OS isn’t available for Fairphone 3 so I just can’t move and I have to take away and take in my SIM every day.

We had a similar issue with FP3+ and could solve it by placing the SIM to be used for mobile data traffic in slot 1 and the SIM for calls in slot 2.

Seems that the SIM in slot one is automatically used for data traffic without the option to change to the second SIM in slot 2 via settings menu.

For us this is no issue as the contract for mobile data is with SIM 1/congstar and the inexpensive call tarif is with SIM 2/ O2 permanently, no need to switch between the two for use of mobile data.

At least you all have sim’s working lol I have yet to flash E on a phone and it notice there’s a sim card on the device at all.