Are there any apps similar to Advanced Privacy available to other OS's?


I have read many of the thread detailing the intricacies of the app Advanced Privacy on /e/ OS. So I understand some of the more nuanced ideas around the app, but I may be missing how it interacts with the android system as a whole. I am currently running two phones, one with /e/ OS and the other with GrapheneOS. I enjoy how /e/ OS has pulled and forked various apps and made them integrate into the OS in a seamless way, but GrapheneOS allows me to use my newer hardware which I like.

I was wondering if there was an app with similar functionality to that of Advanced Privacy that I can use on GrapheneOS? I pulled the latest build artifact .apk from the Advanced Privacy repo and it did not work on GrapheneOS. I am assuming this is due to the .apk being built for android 11.

I have Orbot on the phone right now but some apps are still able to easily deduce my location and IP. I mainly want those two pieces of functionality that I get from /e/ OS. With Advanced Privacy, the apps that can see me through Orbot on GrapheneOS think that I am somewhere in the middle east on /e/ OS.

As a recap, I am mainly looking for a way of getting my location and IP ‘spoofed’ on GrapheneOS. This will allow me to continue the ‘battle of the OS’s’ that I am currently waging.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I found this:

Sadly, tunnel bear won’t run properly without google play services which I failed to specify. With GrapheneOS the default config does not run any google play services or microG and I am aiming to stick with and inside the default specifications of the two OS’s to see what they have to offer.

I believe tunnel bear does offer a free package that would match my needs though if it did not require some of googles services.

I do sincerely appreciate the fast response though!!

This, on iodéOS:

This solution is also close, but I believe it still misses the mark by a little bit. As far as I can tell this does not enable IP and location spoofing the same way /e/ OS’s Advanced Privacy does. They say on their github that the iodé app is only a {Ad/Malware/Data leak}-blocker.

I appreciate your insight and I have already learned a bunch from just two responses. I am perfectly ready to admit defeat and see that /e/ OS has implemented something novel, but it appears their approach to other apps has been to simply fork a project and maybe expand it slightly.

Thanks again for the response!

I’m using Proton VPN :

It is available from the App Lounge or from F-droid, so it works without Google Services.
Proton VPN also has a built-in NetShield Ad-blocker :

My setup on most ROMs is OpenVPN frontend (to Mullvad or IVPN) along with InviZible Pro (for DNSCrypt, firewall [here and there], and Tor).

Given the flexibility of InviZible (root, VPN, proxy modes) it can probably be used in such a way to mimic Advanced Privacy. I’ve mentioned in the past (can’t remember the thread offhand) that it works well with TrackerControl.

Since TrackerControl is based on/from NetGuard, this tutorial is applicable to TC.

InviZible and NetGuard firewall

With this you can route traffic through Tor (Hide My IP), use DNSCrypt, and monitor trackers. All without root.
Tried and tested for awhile but I don’t use this method as I have other means of dealing with trackers and I have paid VPN services.

Notes about InviZible. I use InviZible Pro Beta. Current version 1.6.9. These are available from its GitHub.

Gedsh/InviZible: Android application for Internet privacy and security

The app has an updater which is great given the frequency of updates.
The IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo carries the beta but only 32-bit.

Directly from the website they have a “lite” version which I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded.

The Play Store InviZible Pro is version 5.7.0. Since Google doesn’t allow adblocking software, that version’s DNSCrypt is missing functionality, Not recommended.
The main F-Droid repo has a 5.7.0 also. Not sure if it has the same limitations. Also only 32-bit if that matters.
Versions 5.x are the stable versions.

App Lounge has both 5.7.0 versions. The one who’s package name ends in “.gp” is no doubt the Google Play version.

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