Are there any E/OS phones that do work with VoLTE?

Are there any E/OS phones that do work with VoLTE ?
Thanx for your help.

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Edit: I just now realise this topic is tagged device-suggestions, so for what it’s worth …

VoLTE is available and working on my Fairphone 3 with a German Telekom SIM card, and I would expect the same for Fairphones 3+, 4 and 5 with the same SIM card.

VoLTE is not available on my Fairphone 2 with a klarmobil SIM card using the Telekom mobile network.

Please mind that VoLTE availability is depending on your phone, your mobile network provider and possibly your plan with them.

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Pretty much all of them except Samsung devices. But what @AnotherElk says is very true:

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I had a fairphone 3 before. Switched it to Samsung cause Fairphone was having troubles with dual sim.
Maybe gonna try Oneplus this time.

Oneplus has no problem with VoLTE as far as I know. If you want to use Oneplus as a good phone I reccomend Oneplus 7 PRO, but you should check how good is the /E/ OS support for it.
SONY surely has no problem with VoLTE but you have to unlock the bootloader using a procedure involving Sony site.

Thank your for the advise Cooler. Do I have to be very technical to get a Sony running on E/OS? There are many possible Sony’s on the E/OS but for reason unknown to me these seem not so popular.

No… it’s not complicated… just an extra step compared to others.
Sony phones are a bit different and not everyone likes them but they are of good quality… at least the XZ ones that I use (or used); XZ3, XZ2, XZ2 compact, XZ2 premium. I also bought a Sony Xperia 10 to experiment with porting to /E/ OS Sony phones. It was a success so I ended up with many others. XZ are also not made in China (the same as with Samsung S and Note line) which is preferable to me.

That is very helpful thanks a lot. This extra step is described in the e/os installation manual I presume?
I found an XZ2 on second hand website for 115 euros. What do you think good idea?

XZ2 is OK. I sold one for under 80 Euros, so it depends om the state and accesoriers.

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Very helpful post, thanks for your comments @Cooler .

I plan to buy a Xperia 10 Plus: does it support VoLTE with /e/OS?

It should have but you must wait for a confirmation from someone who has one.

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Yes it is… I forgot to answer… Onepluses don’t need to be unlocked but some of them (newer ones) have other complications…

I found a oneplus 7 pro for 100 euros.
What did you mean by this line?

reccomend Oneplus 7 PRO, but you should check how good is the /E/ OS support for it.

I see E/OS can also be installed on the 7 Pro using easy installer. I only wonder if with easy installer I still have to upgrade the phone to Android 12 before installing as they say in the instructions

I only used Easy Installer once (first time) and I don’t intend to use it again.
Oneplus 7 PRO is a VERY good phone and 100 Euros is a good price; I bought one for ~80 EUros with slight screen burn and gave it to my mom… but I kept the original OS on it… that is why I said you should check if there are problems using /e/ OS on it (I have no idea).

As you well know,

  • android 12 (if exist) is needed for /e/OS-S
  • android 11 (if exist) is needed for /e/OS-R

In principe /e/OS-R don’t work over android 12…
On most device (when android 12 don’t exist), /e/OS-S work over android 11 or 10 or 9 (if latest available)

So using easy-installer, you must downgrade to android 11 to install /e/OS -R

For Your Information, guacamole is on the first list for /e/OS-T (android 13 based) [LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part I

Edit : /e/OS-T is out for month

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As Piero said I would buy the phone and then wait for Android T which is suposed to arrive in ~2 weeks.
And use the install by command line (especially for Linux, where you don’t have to mess with installing drivers).
Base on my experience so far with /e/ OS I would not expect secondary cams to work on 7 Pro under /e/ OS but others should confirm/infirm this.

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Hi Piero, I did not know about S and R android versions. I am new to this whole Custom ROM world, as you might have noticed :slight_smile: So thank you very much for explaining it to me.
Thank you also @Cooler for the advise. I am not in a hurry so I will wait for T.
T is android 13 I understand?

T DEV is available or should I wait for the stable version of T?

Wishing you both a good weekend!

VoLTE is also available on Fairphone 4 in Japan.