Are there "storage scopes" on e/os/?

Hi, I’m using Pixel 4 XL currently with e/os/, but I’m missing storage scopes feature I liked on graphene. Can I enable it somewhere on eos? Graphene asks when installing app, which requests storage access. It can have either full, faked (storage scopes), or none (which usually leads to app refusing to work). Or is it graphene-only exclusive function? I like e/os more than graphene, but some things seem to be more secure there. On the other side, e/os/ is way better when comes to support of older devices. Also pixel 4 won’t be supported for long on graphene, so I’d like to see best from both worlds here :wink: Thanks!

that’s a GrapheneOS speciality and has a bit of a dependency chain - see the initial merge at - but there are many subsequent changes in the mentioned repos. Cool idea.