Article about /e/

I came across this article. What do you think?

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Hi @graz we are aware of the article and the comments. You can check Gaël has responded to this through a tweet .
We always welcome feedback from users as well as constructive comments that help us make the ROM better. We are also going to implement the fixes to issues mentioned in the post. I would also like to add that some of them were already noted by the development and website teams and are in the process of being fixed.
Having said this the process to making /e/ a perfectly safe ROM will always be an ongoing process.
We encourage our users to test and validate the /e/ ROM and /e/ apps and to share their comments and feedback.


It is a nice summary of /e/ and some issues.
The reasons why I disabled Geo-location are mentioned too, I believe full privacy is impossible using GPS and so on in any OS.
This is why Weather and Maps are not allowed any acces to location on my phone. But Google is still there
I am really waiting for the possibility to remove default apps.


These articles are only helpful. Don’t see it as criticism, i think it will be impossible to have no google at all in whatever OS is used as long as people are asking for apps from the google playstore.


You can read @GaelDuval’s response to the issues raised in the article here
Just to reiterate most of these issues were identified by users or the development teams and are being worked upon. All the issues will be addressed and removed from the ROM.


Thank you very much, Manoj! Very interesting reply, and many thanks for all your efforts to work upon the issues.