As an old user who leave because one things make me.. Just to know if the "feature" was added

Hi, This Os Have to grow and spread, but some years ago a feature was really missing for people who stay in GSM mod : If you receveived an MMS, You just… don’t know the file arrive !

I have to change smartphone, and I would like to comeback to eOs…

It’s my politic, but say to people who use all t he day insta/toktok/etc… to send a sms before send picture to activate internet was a big fail !
With android I received an empty sms, with a "download " button. Then, I haven’t to be forced to expose my Os choice to others…
This thing is it “resolve” ?

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If I get your issue right it gets resolved at the moment because MMS is being phased out by the mobile network carriers, so when your mobile network provider finally does so, you will not be able to receive any MMS anymore anyway.

There are mobile network providers who deactivated MMS already, so just be aware you are riding a horse not entirely dead yet, but you should get off its back soon-ish :wink: .

Edit: I had a look … last time somebody sent me an MMS, I got an additional notifying SMS from my provider. And I got the MMS and could see the picture on the phone without a problem before the notifying SMS anyway, so /e/OS should not be the problem.


…as you can see, MMS is still working out of the box on my eOS driven Murena Fairphone 5.

My carrier is “Congstar” in Germany.


(Telekom/Congstar here too, adding to @AnotherElk 's edit)
In the case your phone’s mobile data is switched off whilst the MMS is being received by your carrier (and cannot be delivered due to lack of mobile data connection) one receives notification asking for permission to provide the MMS online and once permission is granted one receives SMS with a hyperlink and expiring login credentials, MMS is then available online for a few days and gone afterwards.


thanks all for your answers.
@AnotherElk : it seems that if you are right, when I lost my phone with eOS and found later another with an unregistered android, was the period where my supplier changed method, in this case I apologize for the “concident confusion”.

@Shakatus : You are connected to wifi, that’s may why you received the MMS.

obacht : As AnotherElk answer,I thought that it’s part of Os to manage that, but it seems that’s is the provider part… the coincidence of my phone change and provider modif…

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Ok, that’s right, I hadn’t considered that.

I don’t think so. MMS does not work with wifi alone, it requires cellular network (your phone number is your ID…)
That may depend on your provider though (your login status in some provider’s app besides being on cellular network might allow identification w/o phone number … or the like - I am speculating)
As I wrote above: I do not receive MMS with wifi ON but mobile data via cellular network OFF.

Yes, as long as your provider offers that function your eOS should receive (limitations due to data connection may apply)

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I just realized: there’s an option in system-settings → network+internet → mobile network → MMS which seems to be responsible for the behaviour I describe in my above posts:
“MMS send + receive when no mobile data connection is available”
…that function can be switched ON or OFF - in my case it was OFF…
when ON I expect MMS to come through via “normal” phone network connection.

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Could be dependent on Android version or device, I don’t see this in 1.16-s-20231019342893-dev-FP3 (S / Android 12), I suspect you are on 1.17-q-20231109350746-stable-herolte (Q / Android 10).

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I asked myself the same thing (it may even be carrier-dependent? Not sure if that is possible…)

That´s correct

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