Assistance needed with OnePlus 6T Install

A while back I discovered my OP6T running /e/ OS had a crack in the back glass. OnePlus very helpfully repaired it at a reasonable rate, and very UNhelpfully flashed it back to OxygenOS 11. I figured, no issue, I got /e/ on the device on my own last time, I’ll be back up and running by this afternoon.

I’m an idiot, apparently.

I’m not sure what I did, but when I attempted to flash the recovery I ended up on the Qualcomm Crashdump screen. Luckily, I knew from my experience with the 9 Pro that I could use the MSM Download tool to save my device. I did so, then got the device back up to Android 11, and made a second attempt at installation of /e/, only to have the same problem occur.

Have there been any changes to the installation of /e/ on the OP6T that would cause what’s happening? This is only my backup phone and luckily the MSM tool is easy to use, but it’s time consuming and I really just want to get my device back on /e/.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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The instructions should be the same.
Obvious things but did you unlock bootloader again and verify on device adb is enabled while phone is turned on and plugged to pc? Get the little pop-up on phone screen? I prefer to go into fastboot mode after this step with adb reboot bootloader just to make sure all is well.
Are you trying to use twrp? I don’t know for sure but I think it is incompatible with OOS 11. E-recovery should be ok.

Another thing, what’s the date of the OOS build? Is it more recent than the eOS builds. Could that even affect things? I don’t know.

Unlocking bootloader and such works fine. It’s when I get to the step of flashing/booting the recovery that things start to go haywire.
I did attempt TWRP, as that’s what my 9 Pro is running, however when it didn’t work, I switched to the E-Recovery, which led to the same result.
You make a good point on the eOS vs OOS build. I’m not sure if that could affect things but it’s worth looking into, although the counterpoint would be that since all my issues are happening with the recovery that’s not even a factor yet. Unless I should try to flash a version of the recovery other than 0.20?

Yes, definitely worth a shot. I’ve had a problem once before with the bundled e-recovery not working and used an old Lineage one I had on the pc to get the ball rolling.

Does the eRecovery update alongside the rest of the OS if I drop down to say, 0.17?

Whatever recovery you use initially is overwritten by installing the OS zip, so yes.

Well it’s using Android Security Update 2021-11-01, which is about a month before 0.20 came on to the scene. I know for sure that 0.17 worked back in the day, so maybe I try that and then upgrade

Not sure what your intentions are? Not thinking of installing 0.17-q OSzip are you? That’s not recommended over A11.

OK well maybe that’s my problem. So effectively, I’m locked into the R beta because I’m on 11?

If you can boot OOS11 you should be able to roll back to OOS10. I helped a friend to do this a few weeks ago before R was a proposition with e.
The basic procedure was to download OOS10 on pc and then transfer to the phone. (I suppose one could download direct from phone but we followed the instructions).
The file needed to be in the top level of the file manager, ie not inside a download, or other folder.This is so the phone’s local updater can find it easily.

Then it is installed with the phone local updater.

Yup, that seems to be it. I was able to successfully flash the Lineage recovery and 18.1 (MicroG, of course).
I may keep it there, since that’s what my 9 Pro is running, but in case I feel like going /e/, am I able to flash /e/'s R build over Lineage?

Oh, we crossed messages! :joy:

I would say so. Not certain but yes I would try it.

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