Asus Zenfone 8 beeps while charging

Hi, I’ve bought lately Asus Zenfone 8. It is a great phone and finally a phone which fits woman’s hand not being an iPhone at the same time :heart_eyes: However it beeps while being charged with foreign charging devices. I mean other chargers and unfortunately powerbank as well. After like 2 minutes of charging it starts it’s continuous beep sound like charging would be destroying the phone. On the other hand while I use original charger (the one from the box with the phone as well as the one bought extra) or charge it from my Asus laptop, than charging is normal, no beeping. I am not sure what could be a reason for that, maybe someone had similar issue?

I’m using out of the box android, as it is updated already to Android 13, I’m planning to stay with it until /e/ will have equivalent for it.

Regarding charging issue I am thinking about below:

  1. It could be software related, may I should take it down to fabric settings?
  2. It could be hardware related, but why it chargers properly with Asus laptop and original Asus charger?
  3. It could be connect with V or W charging power in the powerbank, but could lower power cause this constant beeping sound? I’ve heard that usually charger beeps if it has too strong power for the phone.

I’m confused on what to do with it. I am afraid to buy a new power bank as I did not see any Asus powerbank available in my area.


I had this once, with a basic powerbank and a Xiaomi phone: definitively a hardware problem, powerbank side.
I’d advise not to use it: the beeps are the charging start/stop from your phone, I think in time this may damage your phone charging chip.
I replaced it with a no-name chineese with QC & PD, worked fine.

QC stands from Quick Charge and PD stands from?

Sorry, please read here:

From your device should use PD 3.0 or QC 4.0, you may find more powerbanks with the later.

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Ok. Thank you for clearing this out to me. I did some research today and it turned out that my current powerbank does not have PD 3.0 I’ve chosen new model to buy. When I will have it and try it out I will let you know how it is going :wink:


Hi, today I have received my new power bank :heart: It’s model is: BASEUS POWER BANK 20000MAH PD 20W 3xUSB USB-C QC

On Baseues site I’ve found only similar one, with better powers:

I’ve already charged with it 37% of my Zenfone and there is no beeping :heart_eyes: :heart:

Thank you for advice :heart: @smu44

Nice piece of hardware :slight_smile:
You’re very welcome! :smiley_cat:

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