AT LAST! Solved the GS290 internet issues on Three UK

I’m starting a new thread so this doesn’t get buried. This is for all Three UK users with a GS290.

I finally solved the LAN-WAN-LAN loosing internet problem!

Since the /e/ 0.19 update for a GS290, the installer has wiped out the APN settings if you are on Three service provider in the UK. It also installed a new APN that half-worked sometimes…

There is one other person on the forum who is on Three and he had similar problems and he reset his phones completely to sort the problem.

However I solved it by editing the APN details. Somehow Three users ended up with a second spurious Three APN called ‘3 UK’ being installed after the 0.19 update. This APN was the wrong one and on top of this, the right one (‘3 Internet’) had its details changed by the update. Editing the original APN settings back to what they should be, solved the issue.

Hope that helps someone!

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