Attempting to sync /e/ calendar with Mac

I have enabled /e/ calendar using CALdav in Mac Calendar and the /e/ calendar data is appearing on my Mac, but how do I get it to sync the other way - i.e. have my Mac Calendar data in my /e/ Calendar? I presume that I have to add my Mac iCloud calendar to /e/ but how do I do that please?

I’m not sure. But i think you could use DAVx5 on android and in mac look here

Thanks Harvey186 but it’s working fine on the Mac - syncing the data from my /e/ Calendar. I think all I need to do is figure out how to add a calendar to the /e/ Calendar app and then add my iCal calendar. Shouldn’t it be possible to do that without using another app?

If you have a webdav / caldav adress of your osx calender you can use DAVx5 to connect with it. It’s a new account which you can use in your calendar app as a new calendar

That worked! Thanks very much - I really appreciate your help!

Always welcome. …

Off this specific topic, but generally on-subject, you can set up a similar sync with Outlook calendar using DAVx5, provided you install the FOSS CalDAVsynchronizer plugin in your desktop instance of Outlook. Handy, if (like me) you have to deal with Outlook at work – everything “tracky” and “blobby” stays at work, but I still get event alerts on my phone, and I can add to my work calendar on the go from my phone.

After installing DAVx5 on your phone and CalDAVsynchronizer in Outlook, setup a new calendar on your /e/ account (eg., “work”), and sync your Outlook to that using CalDAVsychronizer. Only caveat, be careful with the initial sync to ensure you don’t overwrite the blank /e/ calendar over your Outlook calendar (maybe backup as .ics before starting). The setup is pretty straightforward otherwise.