Audi Data Plug APP (Audi Connect) doesn’t work anymore

Audi Data Plug APP (Audi Connect) doesn’t work anymore

Hey everybody.
Since I updated to 1.4, my “Audi Data Plug” App was deleted and if I want to install it again, I get this error message.
INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY: Reconciliation failed…: Reconcile failed: Package requires unavailable shared library; failing!

On my Fairphone 2 with Android, the app is available and is working fine.

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I read in your profile you’re using the fp3+, but what Android version? and specific version string of 1.4?

I could install Audi Dataplug on a fp3 (same build as fp3+) on Android R (11) and /e/ 1.4-20220922220394 (dev channel) via App Lounge (note: I didn’t use Aurora)

Maybe the Q or P build had prebuilt missing on packaging update prebuilt 1.4 (#6052) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

This is my latest version of eOS, there is no newer version available, or is there a way to get android 11?

as posted in the weekly dev reports, a OTA migration is at least evaluated to upgrade major versions.

But it’s a bug that is not in the fp3 Q build, it’s weird not more people post about problems on this (missing Map layer in Apps).

Did you give applounge a try in installing the app?

In Settings → About Phone → Android Version → /e/ OS Version does the Version have -dev- or -stable- in the string right after the timestamp?

Edit: there’s one report of this error in the v1.4 feedback thread by @Konsumopfer

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Thank you for your answer.

so I could file a bug for you at the gitlab, but I think it could be easier to peg somebody in the telegram support channel and tell them to rebuild 1.4 stable with the surrogate apk (if you have telegram already installed that is) - and link this thread, the headline being

“the FP3 v1.4 Q stable build is missing apk”

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App Lounge doesn’t work on my FP3

network timeout: is that because of the hide-my-ip in Advanced Privacy? if it is disabled already, maybe clearing the cache of App Lounge helps, logging out from the anonymous user

Now I can see the apps in app lounge, but the Audi Dataplug App isn’t available

here’s the bugreport

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Wow, thank you. So now I just have to wait I guess?

It’s best to ping someone in the chat so that 1.5 will have the apk for sure and at best someone with 1.4 stable on fp3 to reproduce too

Good morning,
1.5 did the trick.
Audi connect is working again on FP3+

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nice! Though I guess I was wrong about the way to include the shared lib - I see no change to the maps apk jar inclusion in the prebuilts lfs… :slight_smile:

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