Audio - Spectrum EQualizer (bug when installing any of them on samsung S9 / REQUEST)

I own a S9 with /e/OS and I’m quite satisfied with.
Nevertheless, I encounter a problem with the sound.
I need to install a spectrum equalizer since there is no equalizer available on the system.
The problem is that I tryied several third-party ones, and no one worked correctly. Every equalizer seems to get the same bad issue !
When the equalizer (whatever app) is bypassed, everything works normally.
When the equalizer is on, the sound signal is curiously very attenuated to a very weak signal through the internal speaker, and with an awful lot of heavy distorsion, despite the fact that the sound level is very weak.

Would it be possible to correct this horrible bug ?

…or even implant on /e/OS a powerful equalizer for music lovers ?
31 bands (or even 62 !) is needed for advanced audio people, 15 bands for musicians, and 5 bands for people who wants simplistic settings.
It would be also required to let people save their equalizer settings, because you need different settings for each different speakers you use !

NOTE : Spectrum equalizer is not a gadget. It is really EXTREMELY USEFUL (when you know how to set them, though) !

  • you can remove most of the harshness of every nomad speaker or even allow the internal speaker to sound incredibly better !
  • you can compensate / enhance the bass response very efficiently of small external speakers and even internal speakers (more bands you have, more precise is the result)
  • you can correct the unwanted boominess resonances of every nomad speaker (31 band or 15 band is the minimum for that type of correction. More bands = better result but harder to set)
  • you can optimize the low frequency response regarding the speaker placement (on a table, on a corner, etc…)
  • you can even temporarely help the sound of some non-remastered old records that often lacks bass content (audio geeks only)
  • forget FOREVER the stupid presets (disco/rock/jazz/classic), this is a commercial nonsense that discredited the real power of equalizing to the mass conscience. Music NEVER have to be equalized regarding its style. An audio spectrum equalizer is a tool designed only to compensate speakers flaws and acoustical spaces flaws !
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No solutions about this bug ?
Or any suggestion for a powerful equalizer that works on the S9 + /e/OS (not a player, an equalizer for the whole system) ?

There are a few threads in XDA forum addressing sound with a custom ROM, a search may reveal something more useful than these two?

Thanks. But as I’m not a developer, I don’t understand anything regarding android programmation and rom modifications.
Wavelet app does not work on /e/OS since it needs a more recent version of android.
And whatever wavelet app is not really appropriate since I’m looking for a 31 band manual equalizer that works on S9 on /e/OS.

I would rather ask if possible to the /e/OS team to add a good equalizer function available directly on the S9 system. If the extension could be installed like an app or with a kind of easy upgrade, it would be perfect. Or even any OS upgrade with installation explainations !

Thanks !

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