Aug 25th 1.14.2 Update, Teracube 2e

I love the look and the general “feel” of this OS update. The icons look better and the keyboards and keypads are a little easier on my bad eyes.

However, the phone now exhibits some troublesome behavior, specifically the phone app. Upon answering or placing a call, the screen goes inactive and I have to fiddle around a lot to make my next move, such as enabling the speaker or bringing up the keypad to make selections in an automated system.

Also, I can no longer simply swipe up to unlock my phone. I have to swipe aside any notifications and then forcefully swipe up, usually several times, to get to the keypad and then enter my unlock code. In short, the phone just seems unresponsive.

Anyone else? What is the fix?

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I’m having the same issues.

Additionally, the option to hide my IP address in Advanced Privacy no longer works. The slider always reverts back to the off position and the real IP address is shown as exposed.

@signalscout , check to see if WiFi calling is enabled, and if so, disable it and see if that makes a difference.

I just upgraded to 1.15 and the screen issue while calling was still there, as was the problem with Advanced Privacy.

Turning off WiFi calling seemed to help with both.

It is already disabled, for me. Thanks though. My workaround has been to tap once and “clear all” even if I really don’t want to clear everything. It could be that I have the settings such that everything is zoomed a bit too much.

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