Aurora store can't establish connection to Google PS

Since yesterday, I have a problem with anonymous login from Aurora store to Google Play Store. Is it only me, to be faced to this problem?

I face this problem with Aurora Store once in a while.
What works for me is uninstall it and reinstall from F-Droid.

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Do you have running any tracker blocker like Netguard, Blokada or TrackerControl ? They are blocking the connection to Goolag. So Aurora won’t work

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Well … I have Blokada active (DNS adGuard is On, and it actually reports about some few blocked requests by 1 or 2 apps I can’t miss) and Aurora Store generally works (except from time to time, as pointed by @facb69) … am I missing somethings ?

Than your blokada isn’t working well. It doesn’t block goolag api/IPs :frowning: That why I don’t like Blokada. It doesn’t block what it should

Thank you to all helpers.
The TrackerControll app - obviously - was the cause. After deblocking the Aurora tracker, login to google worked fine.
I’m quite sure, that this problem didn’t appear during the last week - while running TrackerControll AND Aurora … :man_shrugging:

this app is greate :slight_smile: Much better than Blokada. I have often read that after installing TrackerControl apps aren’t working, because trackers where blocked. And Blokada has never blocked them :-1:

Thanks @harvey186 for the advice.

Just installed TrackerControl … and this version seems very good now : so it replaced Blokada on my phone ! Let’s see how it goes with my 2 or 3 “deviant” apps :slight_smile:

(I had already tested TrackerControl some months ago, but found it was not very handy and drained my battery at that time … and hence I had remained “sticked” to Blokada).