Aurora store can't find this free app

I am trying to install the US version of Mercedes me from Aurora store. It was available in the past but now it’s not found.

Any suggestions on how to obtain this app?

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I searched on my Brave browser - Mercedes me us android

Click on the Google Play result, you will get the option, of what to open it in, select Aurora Store and there you have it.

Thank you I was able to find the app, but when I try to install it, Aurora gives the error “Download failed app not purchased” even though it’s a free app.

Yes you are right. There are a lots of application that i dont find on Aurora.
For example BHIM…etc
Should we talk to Aurora?

Yes, of course. Try to talk to aurora… :wink:

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It’s possible that the app is geo-restricted (i.e. only available in a specific country or countries). Aurora Store made some changes which meant your anonymous login no longer uses the country of your phone, so you would no longer see apps restricted to that country.

The forum thread linked below explains how to work around this change:


@petefoth That worked, the app successfully installed and is working. It also allowed the app to appear in Aurora search. Thank you so much everyone.