Aurora Store, different outcomes on different devices

I have two S9 phones, I am trying to install an app on both phones from Aurora. One phone downloaded and installed the app fine, the other gives the error - Install Download Failed App not purchased.

This is a free app.

I tried deleting and reinstalling Aurora, turned phone off and on, reinstalled Aurora, but still the same outcome.

Any idea why one device can install an app, yet another cant.?

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Now there is an update to the app. I got the same error when trying to upgrade, I deleted app, but now get the same error when trying to re-download.

Managed to get the penultimate version of the app on both devices using APKPure. Not sure what the problem is with Aurora store.

This looks like a UK Radio product! So that is probably the clue - Aurora can be deliberately selective with Geo-location (ditto Google), so you may have your phones set differently for that. :slight_smile:

Aurora Store, geo-restricted apps, and anonymous logins

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Maybe your batterie is to low… :wink:


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Thanks, I have responded to that thread.

The insecure anonymous session will allow me to see all apps available, rather than just those in my area.

Battery too low, I spend too much time on the phone, I need to get a life. But this activity does provide a welcome distraction from the C word.


Strangely the insecure anonymous setting doesn’t allow me to see the app I am having problems with (even after closing Aurora, reopening logging out and in, rebooting phone).

anonymous means only that your are natted behind a fake account.
If this fake account registered in a area which is geo blocked by the app, then it could not work…

That’s how i understand the priciple behind aurora…

If it is geo-restricted then you need to setup location spoofing as described in this post