Aurora Store reputation

Hi guys,

I’m new to /e/. Just installed it on my old Nexus5 as a test a few days ago. I’m impressed, very cool initiative from brilliant folks, love it.

It’s been mentioned to me recently that some of the apps I’m missing from the app store can be found via another store app called “Aurora Store”. 2 questions for you :

  • How secure is this app store? I assume this company cannot vet all the apps on it but is the app store itself secure to use? No tracking, no malware etc. What’s its reputation among you guys?

  • When I search for Aurora on /e/'s app store I get a bunch of different results/apps. Why is that? Which one should I use?

Any help is appreciated.


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Aurora, is as safe as anything on the www.

You can protect yourself by downloading and installing TrackerControl to limit apps trackers, and you can use phone settings/apps to limit apps permissions.

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Aurora Store is Open Source, and a direct client for the Google Play Store.
Meaning … anyone could check what its code does, and the source of the Apps it delivers is the Google Play Store itself.

“Aurora Store” by Rahul Kumar Patel.

It’s on F-Droid, too …


Thanks guys, much appreciated!

At the aurora store you know the sources. Not at the /e/ store.

The /e/ store uses the third-party as a source for apps.

Who runs the package collection and where exactly the apps come from is not explained further anywhere. There is no further reference to in the /e/ app store or on the website.

You can figure out for yourself who to trust more.