Aurora Store Updates

My /e/ works very well but I am confused about Aurora Store. I only downloaded one app (audible) via Aurora. All other apps are standard-/e/ or from F-Droid. Now Aurora wants me to update:
Magic Earth
microG Services Core and
PDF Viewer Plus
despite the fact that I did not download these apps.
Do these apps belong to the standard /e/ and I therefore do have to update?


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/e/ OS come bundled with some version of Magic Earth, microG Services Core and PDF Viewer Plus. When they build an /e/ OS version they include one version of those apps.
Apart from microG Services Core, you can update them safely.

A microG Services Core version is tied to one /e/ OS version.
Aurora will probably fail at updating it if you try. The /e/ OS dev team update it regularly when they release new /e/ OS versions.

You can also disable Aurora from checking for update in the application settings if you don’t want to update those applications.


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Does this mean that I can let Aurora update without the danger that any Googxx- infiltration occurs?
If I look into the ignore list there are over 100 apps I can ignore.Most of these apps I do not find in the Googxx play-store. But in this case I fear that there will be no update at all or are all these apps automatically updated when installing regular monthly updates of OS like /e/OS 0.9-20200611580052?

/e/ will update those system apps via OTA.

For the rest you have to check if the version of google play is the same of Apps store;
usually are the same but not always (e.g. Telegram vs Telegram Foss).

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The update won’t work anyway because the signature isn’t the same.
You can blacklist those updates.