Aurora Store Updates

My /e/ works very well but I am confused about Aurora Store. I only downloaded one app (audible) via Aurora. All other apps are standard-/e/ or from F-Droid. Now Aurora wants me to update:
Magic Earth
microG Services Core and
PDF Viewer Plus
despite the fact that I did not download these apps.
Do these apps belong to the standard /e/ and I therefore do have to update?


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/e/ OS come bundled with some version of Magic Earth, microG Services Core and PDF Viewer Plus. When they build an /e/ OS version they include one version of those apps.
Apart from microG Services Core, you can update them safely.

A microG Services Core version is tied to one /e/ OS version.
Aurora will probably fail at updating it if you try. The /e/ OS dev team update it regularly when they release new /e/ OS versions.

You can also disable Aurora from checking for update in the application settings if you don’t want to update those applications.


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Does this mean that I can let Aurora update without the danger that any Googxx- infiltration occurs?
If I look into the ignore list there are over 100 apps I can ignore.Most of these apps I do not find in the Googxx play-store. But in this case I fear that there will be no update at all or are all these apps automatically updated when installing regular monthly updates of OS like /e/OS 0.9-20200611580052?

/e/ will update those system apps via OTA.

For the rest you have to check if the version of google play is the same of Apps store;
usually are the same but not always (e.g. Telegram vs Telegram Foss).

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The update won’t work anyway because the signature isn’t the same.
You can blacklist those updates.


I find this a bit confusing, because I don’t always know which apps I downloaded through Aurora, the e-store or f-droid. (my order of preference is e-store - f-droid - Aurora).
So now I’m stuck with a whole list of updates in the Aurora store, and no idea which ones I should update through the Aurora store or not…

That’s why Aurora Store has an ignore list in the settings, where you can let Aurora ignore everything you don’t want Aurora to touch, leaving Aurora only updating the Apps you install via Aurora.

Ah, thanks. That is useful. I just blacklisted 209 apps there.
Sorry, I am new here, but this would have been good to know before I started using the Aurora installer. So for any starters, I would recommend doing that before you install anything in the Aurora store, when you can just blacklist everything that’s already there without thinking…