Aurore Store install Google Play Services as dependency (?)

My smartphone is a Samsung S8 with eOS ver.0.23.

For app installation I always preferred to use f-droid or the default app store ( where, however, some applications are not available, for example my bank’s app. So I started installing some applications from the Aurora Store.

Running the updates of the apps installed by Aurora Store I saw that among the applications there is also the “Google Play Services” app (


  • Was this app installed as a dependency? Is there any way to avoid it?

  • Why, if I try to remove it, does /e/OS recognize it as if it were microG?

Thanks for your answers.

Never seen such behavior before …
Did you get it from official source ?

From the docs at

microG is an open source re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user apps and libraries

And from

We have integrated microG by default

So microG didn’t get installed by using Aurora store.

And in order for microG to act as open source replacement of the original Google Play services, is has to use the same internal package name. Which then gets displayed by Aurora as “Google Play services”.
But in fact it is microG that’s installed, not the play services from Google.

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You need to add all the apps that you have not installed by Aurora to its blacklist. This way, it will not propose updates that can’t be done (installed from other sources, other signatures)


Thanks smu44! I installed Aurora via f-droid. But the solution to the dilemma lies in the answers of Ingo and Piero :slight_smile:

Thanks Ingo! This explains the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks piero! This solves the problem :slight_smile: