Auto fill in codes via SMS and Scanning IBAN not working

Hi community and thanks a lot for your effort and help!

I have upgraded a FP3+ from Android to /e/OS and I am missing two features. I could not find out whether they are disabled on purpose due to security or if I messed something up.

1.) Feature to auto fill/take over authentication codes via SMS. When I need 2FA or any kind of authentication that requires a 6 digit code sent via SMS I was able to auto fill it in with Android, now with /e/ I can copy it, but in most cases the app requesting the authentication (f.e. Paypal) doesn’t allow me to paste it (or pastes only the first digit).
Is there a chance to enable that?

2.) my banking app (tomorrow, German bank) has this cool feature where I can scan any IBAN (on a paper letter f.e.) and it uses it automatically. Now when I do it with my app under /e/ it gives me a red pop up saying “This device doesn’t support scanning IBAN” - but I already scanned IBANs with this device (fp3+) - just not with this operating system.

Are any of you aware of these, or have the same issues? I know that those are more convenience issues and otherwise everything is running smoothly, but I am used to those two features and it always annoys me when I need to enter an IBAN manually :frowning:

Thanks a lot and have a great week

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  1. there is no autofill service by default in /e/ (you can install and change to one in the settings) - passwordmanagers do this, some of them can read your sms. Free and non-free releases, what is the difference? · Issue #964 · android-password-store/Android-Password-Store · GitHub says the nonfree Variant (that expects some google library/service) could do it. Give it a try? password-store still uses gpg and openkeychain (I see they work on kage), so might be a bit hard to approach

  2. google android probably offers more decode libraries for its built-in qrcode scanner. If you can record a adb logcat while the App is complaining that’d be helpful. The exception would show which class/service/activity it is calling (and failing), if it can be reimplemented in microg. I don’t know if installing a any of the many qrcode readers could take this role, I’d guess no, but you might give Barcode Scanner | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository a try, it’s an aosp derived qrcode scanner

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