Auto-generated birthday calendar entries have notifications active



Is it correct that the calendar named ‘Contact birthdays’ is created atomatically and retrieves the dates from the Contacts app? I ask because I don’t remember whether I created it or not.
These calendar entries all have a notification set up at midnight. In other words, I get notified at midnight for each birthday that is entered in the information of my contacts.
Am I correct? Is it normal?


You are right and that’s normal. So you will never forget an Birthday of your friends :smiley:


:smiley: @harvey186 so you like to get notifications at night?


I’m sleeping in the night with phone off and when I wake up in.the morning I will get the notification :smiley:


The creation of the ‘Contact birthdays’ does not happen on the phone, but on the Nextcloud instance.

This is a known Nextcloud problem and they track this issue at


I set the Automatic rules for Do not disturb under Sound >> Do not disturb and specify the timings when I do not want to be disturbed.


Well this is normal, as all calender apps have this functionality inbuilt, but you can change setting from permission level. Just uncheck the contact from permissions.


Thanks @Gomsi but I actually like this functionality. Only problem for me is the notifiaction.
I can’t believe this issue has been open since 2016 @Markus


Notification are actually pretty easy to remove one by one from within the Calendar app by clicking on each entry. I don’t have hundreds of them.